EP - 33

Solana: How to build with Ledger? (w/ Dan Albert)


Dan Albert
Executive director of the Solana Foundation

Mar 22, 2022

It’s always been part of Ledger’s DNA to encourage internal and external developers to enrich our ecosystem. We made our code open-source, and available to any external developers. Which resulted in third-party developers submitting most of the coin applications and then blockchains that you currently use on your Ledger device. We engaged with the team behind one of the biggest blockchains out there, one that took 2021 by storm thanks to its transaction speed, low fees, energy efficiency and of course, developer activity. We are obviously talking about Solana. After a few weeks, and with a single developer working on the integration, Solana is now available on Ledger Live. But how? This is exactly what we’ll be diving into today.
How to build with Ledger? How to make the Ledger hardware wallets as easy as possible to connect to the steadily growing Solana ecosystem, how to be “safe by default”? In this episode of On The Ledger, we meet with Dan Albert, executive director of the Solana Foundation (go check their devs meet-ups at ), and Fabrice Dautriat, Head of Ledger’s Developer Ecosystem, to discuss the future of Solana, whether it their future payment solution or… more integrations with Ledger, starting with staking, and, soon enough, NFT support.

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